[Spoken Word]
Welcome to the black lotus emporium
I hope you've been having a terrible time
My name is sleep
And I am the head gardener here
I tend to these lotuses
As if they were the blood of my children
Once above
Now below
We walk down these stairs
To where the tiles mold
And the flowers wilt
Without saying something
I swear I heard them
Singing black metal songs of dеstruction
The cracked glass reflеcts the black sun on the shattered surface
It's like it actually matters when you're a speck of trash in a rusted furnace
I left my heart on display
And my brain in the disposal
If it's a small price to pay to give the world total bliss
Then I know that I sacrificed the right thing
I haven't left this emporium since I was born
I do not know past the walls
Nor the light beams that shine briefly every day at exactly 12:57 AM
My soggy wet face drips a dark liquid and my fingers swell with each lotus I uproot
I see a man every night at the bottom of the moldy cellar stairs
I don't know if he's my future or my past
Or maybe altogether a different kind of creature
He watches me do my business but I never catch him past the corner of my eyes
Imagine my surprise when I found out that he was the keeper
And that I am just a guest
In this black lotus emporium
I can freely leave
But choose not to [Verse]
Can't even escape
Can't even run away
Maybe I don't wanna leave
In a state of disbelief
Unscrew the bulbs from the lotus
World out there I don't notice
Mold on the bricks of the fortress
Don't take risks I just give up
Don't take risks I just give up
Don't take risks I just give up
Don't take risks I just give up
Don't take risks I just give up

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