People make me sick
Always leave me hungry straight sucking up on a dick
Always about cuffing ain't fucking with any bitch
I ain't trust no person, no human I won't give in
Always catch me in a bad habit like a jackrabbit
I be jumping I ain't passive, molasses knee-deep in acid
They call my ass a faggot like damn it, you got me laughing
Yo pussy passive rapping ain't happening pick up the actin
Please pick up the action, please pick up the action
Killing every faction I fraction the ones that back in
You ain't working hard you be lifting without ya back in
Your mix got hella highs but where the fuck is all the back end?
You can catch a backhand, acting like hoe
You ain't own a pole you super sweet like orеo
You gon hold her hand and take that bimbo fucking home
Gеt no fucking dome got no respect you brittle boned [PAPA SLEEP]
I've been steady losing hope
In the people on this planet I just hope they fucking vanish
Every day that pass I just seem to get a little sadder
People on the street asking why my skin is suffocation blue
Get the fuck up out my face
Had with your ways I just hope you waste away
I be counting down till its doomsday
Mark it on your planner and your calendar we playing ding dong ditch on the gates of heaven
Population control blow this mad world into pieces
Worn out places with these worn-out ghosts
Everybody walk off of the cliff looking for a job post
Jaw broke when they took a bite out of what's left of my hope
Push the deadline back close the shop for good
We ain't ever selling shit again
Fishing through the bargain bin
Looking for my soul but I spent all my savings on a pole[DANIELS GONE]
Picking up the pieces
Corner slang diseases
By the seasons
Niggas wanna stick
But carry no adhesive
Done with preaching to you niggas
I've accepted all the dumb and heartless
How am I gon trust you?
When you filling up your lungs with carbon
Dopamine fiends
High off ya ego
We don't share no commonwealth
Puerto Rico
Sticking needles like mosquito uh
On the social feeding your libido
All these kiddies filling in as a placebo
Shut the fuck up
Homie you was pussy from the jump
Niggas fuck around and flexing fake pumps
Snorting coke
Brain muck
I think I feel a lump
Fuck around and disappear like trump
Sick of feeling shrunk
Sick of being piled with the junk
I don't want them corny niggas in my bunk
Hella chatty when you drunk
Fake woke role-playing as a monk
Everybody got they shit but no spunk
No spunk
No spunk[OUTRO]
If you wanna see the world burn say ayy ohh
If you wanna break some bones say ayy ohh
If you sick of living brittle say ayy ohh
If you wanna disappear and know nobody cares say ayy ohh

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