Alright, I had to go in on this one
I'ma just keep going 'til
I run outta breathe or something
I don't know [Verse 1]
Only be a shook one if you put your hand out
Put your hands up if your hands down, man down
I'm hands down the best man in the damn town
Boy I'ma kill it
People going blind
This is braille gotta feel it
'Til the day I get a little money and I peel it like sunburn
I'm the jeweler, no stone is unturned
Slick trick the ruler
You a five inches
Your team's trynna ball but you need five benches
This isn't your game, get a hobby
I'm here to stay at my hotel, you're a lobby
Give me any track and I go Ricky Bobby
You couldn't stop me with a light colored red
I shred the mic like lettuce but I'm still ahead
Let us on the beat and I guarantee its dead
Apparently, people be comparing me to square MC's
They fail to see that I could be the positivity the game's needin'
You mutilated hip hop
I wrap it up tightly to stop the bleeding
Yeah I wrap it up
This is for your pleasure
Are you gonna clap or what
I'm trying to tryout, I gotta make the cut
Never had a hand out but you can dap it up
Will I get daps and pounds if I rap
Go to school get a cap and gown
Or is it not cool
It might be unacceptable to be a rapper and the same time be intellectual
But I'll be a professional and stick to the business
Presence on the mic, everyday's like Christmas
I'm a little sick right now
Let me get a drink real quick
Here we go[Verse 2]
I wasn't planning on it but here's another verse
Gotta do enough to put the beat up in the hearse
That's your girl?
Bet I be up in her first
You be up in her purse tryna find her phone
Wondering if she was lying when she said that she was all alone
No, we didn't bone
And no it doesn't matter
You just gotta know that if I want it I can have her
Mad cause I'm the young stud
'Bout to be twenty
The one sent to take her heart away, young penny
I ain't that dude though, I ain't that rude
I'm focused on the mic, rip it 'til it's unglued
Then I put it back together
Coldest fella up in Michigan
You better pack a sweater
Yeah this is Lansing, home of the Speck
That's right Duda Damn Thing
I plan to be the last man standing
Everybody's hating, but I thrive on it
Telling me I'm gonna fail, putting five on it
I follow those no's like the toucan
The balls in my court now boy and I shoot it like a two man
Meaning I score when I put it up
Just because you're rocking J's, shades, and your hood is up
Doesn't mean you're good enough
Doesn't mean you spit
Doesn't mean you shouldn't have
Doesn't mean you quit
It just means you gotta prove to me that you're legit
If you're weak you're soon to be a better fit
This is for your benefit
If she says her friends are hot
Tell her send a pic
I don't believe what you're saying for a second chick
You could be my second chick
Never be the main
You can eject me but I'll never leave the game
'Til I'm to the point that it'll never be the same
Might get tripped up but I'm never laying
Pointed in the right direction like a weather vein
Pump beats to your heart but I'm never vain
Can't have the game looking like I never came
So I bust in
Kick butt take names
'Til the day you know mine
P-a-c-k-i when I rhyme
That road to success ain't paved for you
Me and Moe-T got seats saved for two
This is my mic it ain't safe for you
I'm on a whole 'nother scale
Won't weight for you
Dynamic duo
Two kids that you know or knew
But you're clueless
Didn't know I could do this
The truest
Newest dude to flip the shit
And get it out the sewers
I'm Coors
Colder than the Rockies
Colder than the jocks playing hockey
This is late night Apollo
But I'm Rocky
Better ring the bell cause you're never gonna knock me
Www dot the speck
That's CO dot NR
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