For What It's Worth lyrics

Let us not allow another dream to turn sour
Dismissed by cynics as the son of flower power
We don't know how and we don't know why
But we can still retain love in our mind's eye And I know bitterness is never a solution
Cos deep in my soul I had a silent revolution
As a means to an end I may choose wealth
But love is truly an end in itselfAnd I see George hand in hand with the dragon
Loading contraband upon the same band wagon
Pinball machines have a sign say tiltBut in life it's difficult establishing guilt
So it won't be me to cast the first stone
Cos I've got far too many hang ups of my own
And further more if the truth be known
I want mercy when my cover gets blownThere's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I've got to bewareI think it's time we stop!
Children what's that sound
Everbody look what's going down
And it sure is quiet on the western front
A high, high, high priced media stunt
The tabloid headlines, they keep me feeling happy
Cos they're feeding me a slogan
That's punchy and snappy
And when I look inside I never get tense
Cos it tells me what I want to hear
Bout the world events
The "just war" is the latest trend
But let this good thing come to an end
And tell me a little more about your new world order
Does this mean your gonna open up your border?
Open up your heart, open up your mind
Eradicate the poverty you left behind?
Open up your job to the last Mohican
Open up the hospital you closed last week?
And then, if so, you can open up your
Stock exchange in MoscowNow there are 5 billion people plus upon this planet
The place cannot be totally without love can it?
The very first time in my life I stood still for a second
I found more pain than I previously reckoned
And it hurt and it hurt and it hurt like pain does
And I discovered that's OK because
There was a very good reason for the pain to be there
Pain is a way of reminding us we care!
The first time my soul came into focus
And my soul said "let the pain provoke us"
And I felt safe, and I felt warm inside
And I felt the waves of pain subside
And I saw then what I'd always been seeking
The light of love shining out like a beacon
And I stopped listened, looked around
And now I'm dancing to a whole new sound
I think it's time we stop!Hold your fire, put down your weapon
You'll never get to heaven with an AK47

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