Revelation lyrics

Oh-oh, yeah
Hey Prepare for them food shortage
Ask 'bout them [?] bank storage
Social media, what a distraction with them demanding forces
Tell me who them source is?
What's the ingredients of them sauces?
Give your Prime Ministers, and religious leaders
Find out who them boss is
Oh, them full a funny ah
No make the one percent them duppy you
Tell you elect, but you can't selеct
Watch the options them keep giving you
Who get thе contracts? The one with contacts
Poor people get less money with more tax
Open your eyes and see who the real enemy isBut me there in the struggle still
Some rich and a suffer still
And the money where them have, that can't buy salvation
But behind the struggle
Out 'pon the battlefield
Oh-oh, yah now, man fed up with oppression
Man a cry [?]
[?] up the system, send sufficient man [?]
So, I've got to take myself away, away, away, away
Wan' control we mentally
Make microchip enter we
Stop your income, when the food done, you gwan give in eventually
'Member prayer without works is dead
God help those who help themself
'Nough put them faith in a riches and wealth
Ignore them health, and still end up in a [?]
Man turn Judas, girl turn Jezebel
[?], 'nough a them like follow
See them today, but you nah see them tomorrowPolitician no kick shot in glasses
And gwan like the smartest
Through them have them passes
The people a go perish for lack of knowledge
Orlando Octave – Revelation

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