The world’s a bitter place to be
Where malice, greed, and hate run free
Where innocence is lost so soon
Cold hearts are all I seem to find [TYRIEL]
Proud wills and stubbornness of mind
Not even angels are immune[SERA]
A precious rarity
Is someone who will be
One true friend
To all
Who are frightened or lost
Where the great or small never factor the cost
Catch the tears that fall and melt the frost
Leave no bridge uncrossed
I can be one true friend[TYRIEL]
One true friend
Who’ll stay
Though while others may run
Keep the walls at bay
‘Till the battle is won
Fill the darkest day with blessed sun
If you need someone
I will be one true friend
For you
Too many judge with just their eyes
They never come to realize
It’s what’s inside the heart that counts
But you have seen my hopes laid bare
Yet place your trust within my care
Returned my faith in large amounts
So this I swear you’ll see
I promise I will be
One true friend
Who'll wade through the thick and thin
Though the storm’s in vain
I will never give in
Never walk dismayed
Feel doubt within
Long as I have been
Just as you
One true friend[TYRIEL]
Never be afraid
I’ve got your back
The [though?] stars may fade
Demons attack[BOTH]
The hope that’s laid
Shall never be broken
Long as there is
One true friend
Who’ll go
Though the chances are slight
From the deepest low
To the dizziest height
One who’ll overflow
With dazzling light
In a world of night
I will be one true friend
Burning strong and bright
I will be
One true friend

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