Yeeeep, yep yep yep, yeew
Weeee-haw Where the hell's Wyoming?
I think it's on the map
One, two, three, fourWyoming, Wyoming
Land of the sunlight clear (Whoa)
Wyoming, Wyoming
Land that we hold so dear (Woo hah)
Wyoming, Wyoming
Precious art thou and thine (Woo hoo)
Wyoming, Wyoming
Beloved state of mineHold time
Cattle prodWyoming, Wyoming
Land of the Piedmont Beer (Wa hoo)
Wyoming, Wyoming
Where men can skin a deer (Whoo)
Wyoming, Wyoming
Land of the barbecued swine (Yeeeow)
Wyoming, Wyoming (Whoo)
Sheep are a friend of mine
That's right
Yeeep yip yip yip yip yeew...Wyoming
Cowboys don't have to fear (no fear)
Wyoming, Wyoming
My girlfriend wrestles a steer (woo hoo)
Wyoming, Wyoming
Cold 47 in my spine (oww)
Wyoming, Wyoming
Beloved state of mineHey
Hot dawg
Yeah hooMaybe now I'll go get me a sheep and wrestle 'em to the ground

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