Yah, yah, ayy [Verse]
I got Cîroc in my cup
Get some Malibu and remix it up, ayy
I get you sparkin' the blunt, ayy
I'm rocking Bape with the ah, yeah
I'm rocking Bape with the ice creams, ayy
I'm in the whip with the high beams, ayy
Hop in the whip doin' high speeds, ayy
I don't think that they like me
Uncle Tito break the wave, ayy
Rollin' doobies in the shade, ayy
My bitch look like Alicia Keys
Way she got her hair all in them braids, ayy
I spent 25 at Jacob, ayy
Just like fuck it man, I'm paid, ayy
Honey-berry in the Backwood, ayy
The marijuana got me blasted, ayy
Shawty rollin up the dope, ayy
Tasted like a fruit basket, ayy
Bape camo-shark up on me, ayy
Bitch, you know I had to have it, ayy
My Chuck Taylors, CDG, ayy
All I speak is guapanese, ayy
I ain't pop no molly, bitch
Yeah, I'm off a Senzu Bean, yah
Tommy Hill up on my waist, ayy
Cigarillo to the face, ayy
Wippin' jet skis, mane (in jet skis)
Something like wave race (wave race)
Bathing Ape down to my socks, ayy
Gorillas on my camouflage, ayy (gang)
In that Dolce & Gabbana, ayy (turn up, turn up)
Sippin' Coconut Cîroc, ayy (gang gang gang)
Yah, yah, what
Sippin' Coconut Cîroc, what (Turn up)

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