I might turn up on your bitch ass mane
Cloudboys, $pla$h Hou$e 3 bitch [Verse 1]
Gang shit
Splash House
Hit the blunt and pass out
Take your bitch and smash her
Turn that check and cash out
Cash up
Splash out
Something like a trap-star (turn-up)
Moving weight real quick (ayy)
Something like a NASCAR
NASCAR, racing
Throwing big faces
No fakes here
Seven grams in the grey Swish
See through the fakes
20/20 no Lasik
Real gang shit (Splash gang)
Spilt lean on my Bape shit
Turn up, bass quick
Getting top from a gay bitch
GTA shit
On a tropical vacation
Rollie on my right wrist
'Saci on my left wrist
($pla$h Gang) Hundred fifty K
Diamonds dancing on my necklace
She gon' pop that pussy and she look like Lucy Liu
I've been serving bars I've been trapping out the school (Xanax)
Hit the Boulevard copped my girl them Jimmy Choos
Popping xanax bars and I look like Tom Cruise
I got that sac of dro
I look like Leo DiCaprio
I smoke another ho
You fuck around and I'm letting my hammer blow
Serving the arm and the hammer though
Hop on the beat like I'm Hannibal
I turn that crack into capital
I turn the rap into capital
See the trap boys on the ten o'clock news
Sipping Fruity Pebbles
Double cup smoking fruit loops
In the Range Rover
I might drop the fucking moon roof
Mixing up the lean
With a couple shots of Grey Goose
Surfer boy flow
Bitch I gotta hang loose
Bitch I beat the case, tell the police "Fuck you!"
Yeah, I don't ever sleep, thirty clip on my night stand
All my underwear say Ralph on the waistband
Smokin' Space Jam
Fuck around and get the Space Jam
Go ham
Got the white I'm a snowman
Pockets on swole
Wrists is froze
I'm a grown man
She say "Can I smoke?" I say "Duh bitch, go ahead"
I might turn up on your bitch ass mane
Splash Christ
Tell her ayy, ayy, ayy
Splash gangSplashaholics mi- Splashaholics mixtapes
Splashaholics mixta- (laughter)Woo, woo
Turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up, ayy
Splash gang

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