Aw yeah
Aw yeah
Bitch [Verse]
Roll two blunts and I face two blunts
Chew two xans and I sip two cups
Blow good bud at a country club
Still M.O.B show no ho love
I'm sippin' on a lil' somethin' purple
Shots fired when we pulled up like Urkel
No new mofuckas in the fuckin' circle
Fuck around with Oli, Aahj might merk you
Same mofuckers been with us since the bottom
Now we at the top in the club poppin' bottles
Chillin' with the models who can drop it to the floor and make it wobble
Drop it to the floor and make it wobble (Wobble)
I'm sittin' low and I'm sippin' Sprite
My whip black and my bitch white
Gettin' lit we gon get life
That coochie tight and I fucked her twice[Chorus]
I got bitches (x30)

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