[Intro: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
See let a nigga come through with that bullshit
Any time you pop that shit nigga
I'ma tell you you can suck a dick, you can suck a pussy
I know, it'll come to what? Say what?
Now I'ma let all you motherfuckers know
See them knows that this is something you can't fuck
Whether you from Brooklyn, whether you from Manhattan
You from Queens nigga
I don't give a fuck, where you be motherfucker!
Where you reside... motherfucker!
How you live? How you seeeeeeee [Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Sort the stack outs, this one's the blackout
Three-fifty-seven to your mouth, blaow!![Buddha Monk - Brooklyn Zu]
Dirty, can you hear me? Rawness I’m inflicting
It's that G type slang that makes this real sickening
Ignite the styles, I got my hand upon the trigger
Starts from the smallest and hits the bigger nigga[Prodigal Sunn - Sunz of Man]
Yo, straight out the lava by them hell fires
A known mental killer, born thriller, assassin of terror
A hot bloody fatal mixture of carbon and water
Homicidal manslaughter, death is the order
Start the mission, travel like the speed of wind
Through the valley of sin, I step to ville and murdered many men
Serving justice in my vicinity[Zu Keeper - Brooklyn Zu]
(This is, Brooklyn, Zu!!)
Za-za-za, za-za-za
Zuh-za-zah, z-zz-zz-z-z-zz-zz-z-dah-duh-dnn-duh[Murdoc - Brooklyn Zu]
I get down, I get down, I crack your fucking crown
Lay around and watch some real niggas break ground
I can't shop cause every bro blowing up the spot
Hit rocks and niggas know[Killah Priest - Sunz of Man]
Yo! Niggas grab the mic like the bites of a scorpion
Nervous, that's why the Zu brought me in
Now bring em forth, like the tortures at the courts
Before the case begin, first break me in
His brain! And make sure he can't maintain the calmness
Ya harmless, watch how I bomb this
Stage light now appears to be the Moon
Now your Posse is your fucking Platoon
Stale sound just flows through the air
I'm like a ninja, once I send ya cold stares
Then I get furious, imperious, the lyricist with the clearest rhyme
Erupt to deduct your fucking mind[12 O'Clock - Brooklyn Zu]
Fuck shit up on the hurry-up
Known for burying ducks through more styles than a monk
Warning you chump, brain is out for lunch
Given the power punch, soon to be paid like Donald Trump
Never fall victim to no bitch
Jerked my dick, but still got more hoes than a pimp

And score more points than Shawn Kemp
Keeping powerfully strong like the center on the KnicksHut one, hut two, hut three, hut!!
Ol Dirty Bastard live and uncut
(Shame on a nigga who tried to run game on a...)[Shorty Shit Stain - Brooklyn Zu]
Got more props than the President
My hardcore represent

Blowing niggas back who never had this
Cause I'm gifted, so you can gift wrap the shit
I'm kicking and send it to your moms for Christmas
And tell her Shorty Shit Stain sent it
Soon to have more green than the Jolly Green Giant
Cause niggas rap styles just down, it's expired
You should've stayed home instead of picking up a microphone
But if you wanna run on up, like you tough
I call your bluff and blow you down with my hardcore stuff
I shine like twenty-four carat, niggas know...[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Roll and stroll with the party scene
Nigga wanna know me as Mr. Clean
Wza-wza-wza-wza-Wu-Tang, flip the script and
Test my skill niggas, you're tripping
Drugged up from sniffing, you're the one who's riffing
I'm not Opie, save that old shit for Andy Griffith
Start to flip, slip cause you're slipping
While you sleep I be the God on point, with Scottie Pippen
As I jump on stage, flip rip a show
Strip and rip a ho, wayyy like Bo
Jackson while I'm still taxing maxing
Relaxing sitting back, silly attraction
Again and again when I rock the jam
Wanna see em up in the air, throw up your hand
Introducing one-man band in town
It's wild, more the style couldn't stand nigga
When the jump stepped to the center
Of the rhyme inventor, MCs' tormentor
You get dap slapped, across the MC map
Your ass that's your ass on a whore shot
Come on through I black and blue your whole crew

Then I get Rudy with the Hong Kong Phoo'
Ol Dirty Bastard, MC killer
Money maker, Brooklyn, Shaolin style
That I lay down like tile
, then I get higher[60 Second Assassin - Sunz of Man]
Here comes the illlll, type ruffer
Style be untouched I'm leavin broken down grammars on the pen
Who who what? What brings it? Tighter than your anus
Chambers this name is for the deepest trainers
Keep it stainless, steel, on time it is the windmill
Deadly venom kills, at the last of the Sam's Mill
60 Second, nucleus, attack on your set
Hit you with the blast (yo close the door)
*gun blast*

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