Yo, imagine- imagine the shit
Drunk as hell and shit
And you going into a fuckin bar and shit
You stumbling over bitches and everything
Falling over everywhere, throwing up and shit
Yeah, ayy, yeah-ahh
C'mon, c'mon
I want all y'all people to feel what I feel
See, my momma taught me this shit!
And my daddy learned from my momma
Which is good! Which is good-ahh! [Verse]
Sweet sugar pie, oh I wish you were mine
Lookin' so good, like you know you should, yeah

And I- ayy, yeah, love you down, down baby
Oh my girlie, sweet my honey
You look so good to me
Love you down, all night long
Yeah, yeah, ahh!
Yeah, all night long
Yeah, yeah, ahh, all night long, girl

Sugar pie
Sweet oh-my-oh-my there's no lie
I love you girl, love you, girl
Love you sweet pie
Yeah, yeah, ahh![Hook]
Do you love me? Do you love me like this?
(Do you love this, girl?) I know you love me
I love you too!
Ahh, ha, ha!
(I'll let you know) I'm serious
I need to know that
I needs you to let me really know that
I said I'm serious, very, very serious
Aight, let's go[Outro]
Yeah, all night long
Yeah, yeah, ahh!
Ahh, ha, ha, yeah
It's other groups that's better than me like the Temptations
And you other, groups
From the Motown, Philadelphia, Atlanta
(This is dedicated to you)
And you others, better than me
Mrs. Jones, don't feel disgraced baby
Because I love your soul your got it together type thing
Diana Ross
(See, I don't say these things for myself)
Michael Jazzy-Jackson!
(Please understand or something)
No! I'm the baddest, hip-hop man, across the world!
I don't care, what you care, I just give, what you receive!

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