Bands lyrics

Big bands what the fuck is you sayin
Rich man I got hella bands
I'm gettin payed
Nigga fuck what you sayin
I'm bout to go way up
Way up way up

Young nigga poppin these bitches be boppin them crowds I'm rockin em
Haters they watchin they tryin to stop it don't want me to stay up
Playa hater

10 toes only on my knees when I'm prayin
10 hoes keep em on they knees like they prayin
I tell em stay prayed up
Playa playa

Was Mr Popular
Now I'm all grown up and I'm still poppin now
Yeah we packin them pistols we poppin em
Know they watchin they study and copyin
If I see it I want it I'm coppin it
24 karats no copper shit
Watches and bracelets all kinda shit
Promise no pork on my fork no cops with binoculars

Black man with a hundred bands
Bad man Ima wanted man
Mad man if you Want it come get you run up get sprayed up
Sprayed up sprayed up

10 toes only on my knees when I'm praying
Thank you for blessing my pockets Amen
When it comes to the paper you know I ain’t playing
When it comes to the paper you know Ima spray it
Fuck what you sayin

Stack up them bands tho
Yeah we marchin it straight out the bando
Got em watchin me like I'm the man tho
Got the plug at the border Fernando
Like desiigner I'm whipping the Panda
Nigga right tho that black X6 look like a phantom
I got them bands in my pants tho
Ain't got no time to be playing we getting them bands

Big drums like a marching band
Spaced out Ima the Martian man
Big worm Better have all my shit when it come time to pay up
Pay up Pay up

We gettin this money man most of these niggas is playing
They all wanna copy the swagger they don't wanna pay em
Gotta get money ya gotta take care of the fam
That's what sayin you needa quit cryin and run up them bands
Run up these bands

OG Bobby Billions – Bands

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