I'm chinky-eyed on the weekends gettin' Chong
Couldn't even catch a wink in left my phone on
Peeps try to reach but I've gone Quasar
Off the grid texting, t-t-y later
Oh man my head's pounding like a drum
I need a glass of water and an Excedrin
Silly are the promises that we swore to keep
While puking on the floor porcelain bowl to cheek
Every other weekend's the same ol' thing
Eat, drink, smoke, smash, hit the record bin
Cause music's the constant in my being
At 3 AM buggin' out to Fugazzi
Eyes burning up all outta my skull
While chatty Cathy over here's getting all philosophical
Ain't trying to hear it, can't even understand ya
Blah-blah-blah, ya-ahuh sounded kinda random (Chorus)
Once upon a rhyme
Back in the day when I was a teenager (Q-Tip sample)
Don’t you know I’m Loco (Cypress Hill sample)
Here’s a little something from back in the day, back back in the day(Jeff)
Too high strung to sleep so I went for a drive
Rolled up to the party bout 3-4-5
With a fresh cut beat up on my person
I cut through the crowd like a plastic surgeon
Found Dino crate digging behind the techniques
Dressed to the nines like Dom Deluise
I said what’s up, whatcha doing in this dump?
He slurred on his words said something about “fresh”
Passed him the track and he put it on blast
Got the party moving like an avalanche
Till this one dumbass fell over and collapsed
Had to call 9-1-1 for an ambulance
There’s always one in the group
If you don’t know who, it’s probably you
Same old story, the shit don’t change
One sucker dead, LA Times front page(Chorus)
X1(Jeff & Dino)
Yo Dino! What’s your name?
Yo Dino! What they call you?
Yo Dino! What’s your rap name?
Well get on the mic and tell these fucking people!(Dino)
I'm a B-Bball Jonesing microphone fiend
Don't shave for style but more cause I'm lazy
I'm an Aquarius did I fail to mention
And we don't bare water that's a misconception(Dino & Jeff)
So Jeff, What’s your name?
So Jeffrey, what they call you?
So Jeff, What’s your rap name?
Well get on the mic while there’s still time left!(Jeff)
I’m the first to the show and the first one to go
And I be drama free, the last one to know
And when the beat drops, ever apropos
I’m up in the cut like a camel toe(Chorus)

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