[Verse 1]
Feel like im floating
Then i fall apart
Dont fall through cracks
Made into my heart
You make me feel
So unstoppable
Sometimes this life
Is bearable
Felt like everything
Stayed the same [Verse 2]
You and i
In love in new orleans
You make me feel
So incredible
Sometimes the past
Is what we know
Breathe in
Forgive promises
You made with me
And broke with him
Your eyes
I know they see the truth
You and i
Is what i truly knew[Verse 3]
Yеah i know
I done made mistakes
That dont mеan
I dont need A BREAK
Even though
I dont want to leave
I can't ever seem to
Late at night
Im drinking on my own
You and i
Nothing left
Of the love we know
I dont know when to cry
Even when im in pain
Such unbearable lies
Its a war that you made[Verse 4]
The mess inside my heart
Is one
You made
Im falling down from
Earth in love again
I can't
The weight is drifting me away
And i can't
Im falling down to earth again

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