Growing up
Need my funds
Can't miss lunch Rolling up
Couple blunts
Filled with runtsGrowing up
We was touring
On the runCall miso up
Can’t be boring
What you onPick Dennis up
Then we soaring
Off the skunkYh we was dumb
Just for fun
Hit licks then runYh Life was fun
Coming up
In south London
Bagging in O'z
Not in O
On Lavender RoadCall from bro
Where you though?
I'm in Lavender broWe was up to sumn’
Coming up
Near my homeMa said when you're up
Don't switch up
On your homeMa said when you're up
Don't switch up
On your brosAin't giving up
Staying true
To the codeAnd we was up
Where was you
In your home
Gotta play this smart
Working hard
Need to blowHit victor up
Dundonald park
Got cheese to rollI can't forget
Who picked up
When I called their phoneCos when I up
I won't forget
You can call my phoneIn South not park
It was dark
Like a holeI dropped my art
Some did laugh
Like a joke

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