13 shots in the glizzy pocket full of stones
I was serving in front of that corner stone until i started working off the phone
Coming in the house wit no money thats something i can't condone
Just to take care of my kids i was doing shit that i knew was wrong
Big t , me and my niggas breaking in shit
Stole a nigga's rims sold it for some dope that was whip
Guess you can say thats double karma
She got your number
I keep that hay just like a farmer
That shit like a plunger
Spin down and wet cha up
Fuck body armor
Me and my niggas got machine guns like contra
I remember trapping hard in them basics
Stacking big faces
Always kept the baddest around don't fuck wit basics
Married to the streets cause that cash i gotta have it
Put my wrist up in the pot make it jump like a gymnastic
Because i never wanna have to go back to sleeping on a pallet
Or a drug addict can't see me ending up like my daddy
Even tho he tried his best yes
I still deal with demons i confess
But I'm still too blessed to be stressed
Got standards so i won't stand for less
Adderalls and cannibus
If its about some money then my hands in it
A lot of people say i ain't living right
Fucked up a couple times before i got it right
I wanted to be like pablo i didn't wanna be like mike
All me and my bitch do is fuck and fight
Im in and out of town bag chasing
Charging 1200 for a zip of clay akin
Selling girl selling boy
Block 17 plastic but it ain't a toy
We stacking up them blues
Coke white like milk
Stacking chips a hoy
Coke white like milk
Stacking chips a hoy
Coke white like milk
Stacking chips a hoy Coke white like milk
Stacking chips a hoyCoke white like milk
Stacking chips a hoy

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