Welcome to my balls
Ugh, ugh, oOoO
My balls, my balls
Balls, balls, balls [Verse 1]
Leave that boy in a forest (Yeah)
In the mosh tryna poop (Mosh just tryna poop)
Playboi Carti in the room (Carti in the room)
And I'm going in the sofa (Going in the sofa)
And they tell me its like bofa (deez nuts is like bofa)[Refrain]
Ya fucking forehead (Forehead)
Leave ya more dead (More dead)
Forest (Forest)
Forest (Forest)[Verse 2]
I'm coughing and I'm in a coffin (I'm coffin)
And I'm in a coffin (And I'm in a coffin)
Because I'm dead (And I'm in a coffin)
Because I'm coughing I have the coronavirus (The coronavirus)
I have coronavirus and an iris (And an iris)
Like eyeballs, my balls
My balls, my balls, my balls (His balls)
My balls, my balls, my balls, my balls
My balls, my balls, your balls, my balls

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