You talkin big about this love shit, only nigga made me feel it, kinda wishin we was in it, got a brain but struggle with it, won't be tamed I never did it, theres half of a bottle got flowers in it, fuckin up a good life cus this smoke take me in it, can't seem to get out its, a chain but its about- got more tattoos grill in my mouth, finally found my gang i fuck with south, let music rot my brain, dont help me out (out) [Verse]
Crazy how quick you could lose someone, I got no respect, im ownin a gun, I point at your head, he killed my son, all tatted up, NøBlunt$ in the front, even back in the day it was 1v1, turn a straight nigga gay, look what a pimp done, no deaths on my name, im behind the gun, fuck all the fame today im donе[Verse]
Makin a list daily someone dies, countin my bodiеs, im poor but prized, asked for a cent niggas wasting my time, turnt to the street, with them I ont cry, almost got locked it was 4th of July, set off a gun, but I was soarin in the sky, I had a dream but my jit left my side, born 2021 shits killin my insides, boutta get locked I needa serve my time (time)[Verse]
Ever since my jit died my heart turnt to ice, tryna make a livin it get crazy in the nights if it wasn't for the height id be layin with the shadows, and I ont think twice. cept my fam but they all dozed, back to 15 with a Glock countin hits shootin clocks, “suck my dick” now I box, but nothin helps when you boxed (boxed)

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