[Verse 1] Ima young fly nigga
Fuck new friends i'm with my niggas
You’ll die quicker if you try niggas
Dont be surprised when that eagle really fly nigga
Shoutout to ya bitch im the side nigga
Backshots got her ass and her thighs thicker
I’m getting money now i supply niggas
If you ain't livin’ life then you might as well die nigga
Drinking for my niggas that ain't here
Smoke a lil weed and pour a lil beer
Cause’ we grieving
Still me ain't nothin’ change but the seasons
So ima keep airing shit as long as i'm breathing
Curve a bitch quick if she out here teasing
Gotta come sexy
No? then don't text me
Cuz no im not ya friend and no, im not ya bestie
Cause’ I’ll bust that ass today if you let me
So dont ask me
So humble but so flashy
You hear me loud and clear but nigga im so raspy
If you not feeling a nigga then don't dap me
Niggas sending shots on the gram but don't “@” me
While you online leaving hate comments
I got ya girl on my nuts and she hate almonds
She on the phone with me you think she state farming
Love is blind and she turned you into Ray Charles and
Decide when i was young i was gonna know the business
I got on my 10 speed and got on the roads to riches
Haters make me mad i was gonna expose these niggas
But then im like “Who?” cause’ i dont even know these niggas
So who you ? nobody, keep banging
Its not a game fuck nigga keep playing
Till niggas on ya block and they really tryna shoot you
When shit get real, fake friends play neutral
Always popping rose with my niggas cuz we on now
Niggas that ain't really fuck with me want a song now
First they ain't like me now
But they wanna get along now
Niggas working out tryna give a nigga strong pounds
Ya gotta chill take a breath cause’ we mob
We bomb, squeeze arms keep calm
I came up from the bottom forreal
Young nigga on the block moving bottles of Krill
I remember there was nights i couldn't buy me a meal
Knew i had the drive but couldn't buy me the wheels
Don't think you know yourself cause you looking in the mirror
Cuz Artie lost his sight and said he seen shit clearer
My mom past away i was up fort knox
She said fuck everything and take it to the top
Bottom words i knew i was never gonna stop
Ima grind the same way, with money or not
I’m the same cat from 12st building, dirty
Back the, in and out the building dirty
Nicks dimes selling 30z
Thats how we get them packs out
Living in that crack route
Ask around ya boy Nino Man getting fetti
Posted on the block with my niggas getting Detti
My money was light but you see it's getting heavy
Living my dream and i'm killing shit, Freddy
Used to have 5 on it now i cop quarters
I used to move packs now i drop orders
Used to hit niggas moms now i pop daughters
If she legal she gon’ have a thirst for me not water
A Nigga on now so these niggas all hate me
When you doing so good it make niggas so angry
Ya could do whatever its not gon’ phase me
If you don’t get the picture now, you might as well frame me
Nigga !

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