Fuck that nigga he a bitch
Say he claim but he ain't 'bout shit
Bad ass bitch wanna suck me up
I'll fuck your bitch with no effort
And I'm wearing all black I'm pepper
Stacking the money so motherfucking high
But you is lil' nigga so go 'head and cry
Song shorter then his lil' fucking head
50 bands all on your motherfucking head
70 bands on your motherfucking head
You is 16 and you don't got bread
Glock 23 make a motherfucker red
Glock 23 make a motherfucker dead
You thought I was done, you thought I was finished
Beat on your motherfucking head like I'm British (I don't even know what the fuck that means bruh, but i'll beat the fuck out you)Fuck that nigga he a bitch
Say he claim but hе ain't 'bout shit
Shut the fuck up you is a lame
Talkin' that shit like hе motherfucking claim
And yo' neck long as hell
Just like Yeat heres a bell
Showin' that bitch like a show and tell
Callin' him up like a clintell
And I know that nigga like short as hell

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