I’ve been mislead on my path to the moon
Finding no man there the mystery balloons
I'm diggin’ out craters to find out it’s a lie
If I choked and died would you be the ones to cry?
Well I don’t really know but I’d like to think so
There’s a dark side of me that I want to show
I’d like to chop you up into neat little pieces
Mince you down and spread you on ma pizza
A tasty treat yeah you are my meal
And after your digested let me how it feels Jump jump jump
Jump up and down and bounce to our soundBounce to our sound, melt to the ground
Don’t stop now or we’ll takе your crown
We’ll take your crown
I’ll take your crown
Don’t stop now or wе’ll take your crownNa nanananana Na nananananaBatman’s on his way with a fist full of dollars
Take that from us and we’ll leave you feelin’ hollow
Stuck in the mud with the barnacles and eels
Swimming ain’t an option when your higher than it feels
Abandon ship disregard the boat
This puncture’s pissing air and Bumblebee won’t float
Deflation takes ahold of this ships great keel
SOS someone save our souls!Oh my god am I really gonna die?
[NO!] My brother’s to the rescue Bear Grylls style
Sporting a wetsuit, bodyboard and no fear
Albany’s devil ain’t got shit on his beardNa nanananana Na nanananana
Na nanananana Na nananananaAwwwwwweee yeaah
Pass the mic
Yo tell 'em what's up son
We're gonna pass the mic to my man, right!Oh when i kick it outside the sun kisses me
When it burns my skin I feel miserable
Because I’m red for the next day not lookin' like a playa
I should hit the gym cause i’m thinner than John MayerThe ones that will survive are chillin’ in the night
But i can’t maintain the cycle
If I make it out alive
I've got a tan from the computer
The internet’s my tutor
Fuck a system error
Beep beep bop blooper"Ooooo that was sounding pretty fresh, man
But what ya got next? Ya better go, go, GO!Yo i’ll pick it up
Yo i’ll put it down
God damn it you know I love that offbeat sound
It radiates a vibe
Of which i really can relate
I’m a rude boy straight outta the
EAST COAST BAYSI’m like a tiger in the jungle
Camouflaged and rare
Blending into my surroundings
No one notices I’m here
Darth Vader’s on the mic
“Paul, I am your father”
Take me to the death star and
FuturamaWhat you say?
Hey hey!
What you say?
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