[Intro SmallerSosa]
Just like Lil Darkie says, it would be so creative to make a beat with no melody!
Yeah, yeah, wow it’s so easy to make a beat with no melody!
Yeah, yeah, uh
Are you recording still?
Hey, hey [Verse SmallerSosa]
Pull up in my coupe and I set it in park
These bitches are fishes and I’m a damn shark
My drugs gave me visions, can see in the dark
My bitch like a dog, cause all she do is bark
Bitch I got the iron like I’m Tony Stark
Bitch, my mansion is bigger than Noah’s Ark
The world be changing, I’m tryna be the spark
His words be changing, I’m tryna leavе a mark
Out in the back, smokin wood in my part
You think yo songs good, but you ain’t make the chart
My car ain’t got kеys, bitch it’s a push-to-start
He thought I was done, yeah that bitch is not smart
Ain’t got no more weed, need to head to the mart
Her pussy mad good, man I think that shit art
His weed is mad stinky, that shit smell like fart
If I diss your man, don’t take my words to heart (yeah!)[Outro SmallerSosa and NicknameGotBars]
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, on god!
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, yessir[Verse 2 NicknameGotBars]
I said I'm nickname
My flow like Steezy Kane
Made your girl give me brain wait
She said drop your addy
I said don't pull up with your daddy
Pulled up damn shawty a baddy yeah
Beat too fire I might just have to retire
But I'm not expired yet
Sosa go hard on a beat and there's me
Yeah I'm just neat bro I said
I said pull up I'm in pleasant park
He here and I said
Shut up I don't want no remarks
I'm just playing ball
Working on my arch
He can't play ball name is Clark
But he still smart as shit like Tony Stark
Bitch you might as well flee
I'm as good as Kyrie
We can make a big three
Lets just agree to disagree[Outro NicknameGotBars]
Yeah yes sir
My remix on Sosa's song bro yes sir
No melody type beat that's a dub

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