Falling In Life lyrics

Verse 1
You think until you bleed baby, and bleed until you dry
And when you’re dry as a bone, you set your bones on fire
You’re cutting down your evils, with a blade of a knife
Instead of falling in love you’re falling in life Put your head on straight, and listen to my curve
You say you don’t have a chance, but that you’re willing to learn
I show you what you need, but you go your own way
The sky is the limit, but the ground is where you stayBridge
You say you love it you say it makes you a man
Shed all the tears and all the weight that you can
Your fear of flying, is all that’s holding you down
Wings can certainly grow from a hart that can sing that loudInstead of falling in love, I fall so hard in life
Each time I try to fall in lovе againInstead of falling in love (Don’t need a rocket)
I fall (don’t need a parachutе)
So hard (don’t need a doctor)
In life (to shoot the love in you)
Each time (don’t need a single thing to take away from who you are)
I try to fall in love again
Instead of falling in love (Don’t need an airplane)
I fall (don’t need a helicopter)
So hard (don’t need a new brain)
In life (just need a body shocker)
1, 2, 3 Clear
Stand back let’s give this man some air[Solo]Outro
I say I love it, I say it makes me a man
I take this lifetime and everything within
I never thought we’d be standing side by side
Let’s stand together as one and we’ll fall in love tonightI think I’ve falling in love so hard in love with life
Let’s take our time and fall in love again
Nick Black – Falling In Life

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