D.I.Y. lyrics

Verse 1
Just a moment
And think
Are you doing this for you
Or are you pouring
Someone else's drink?
Why would you try to love someone else
More than they love themselves
And why would you think
That they'd return the favor
When you've given more than enough for two Chorus
All you got to do is D.I.Y
You don’t need nobody else
All you got to do is D.I.YVerse 2
To the sound
Of the heartbeat in your ears
Anyone who makes you feel
Feel angry after all these years
Ain't worth your time
All the love that you give
So, spit down some rhyme
You don't need them to tell you how to liveChorusBridge
It's hard to believe it
To take your own advice
Give yourself some credit
Just a little will suffice
You know you better
Than any other soul
Dust off your shoulders, and honey, take back control

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