Walk & Talk, Pt. 2 lyrics

Ayy, let me begin
You know my name and I came for the win
I'ma be king, step in the ring
My name be ringing the bell like a
My name be ringing, yeah, I’m coming up
They talkin' crazy, I don't give a
She want a baby and I tell her nope
I’m busy focused on making a buck
I'm busy focused on making it bang
Calling me lemon, flow got a tang
Still I be sweet, lemon meringue
Still I be sharp, sharp as a fang
I got 'em shook
And I learned there's no such thing as half-way crooks
So get up out my face if you be talking like you hard, ayy, look
They try to drop my name, but we ain't ever met
So don't be telling them we homies if it ain't respect
I got a little crew, but we do big things
That's the Network, baby, yeah, we be kings
Always be repping the crew
Looking my way when I step in the room
Too many cats thinking they’re sick
I might show ’em what the medicine do
I'm just tryna up my funds
Swish it, triple-double, son
They just tryna snag ’em up some beef like it's a Bunnings run
I remember being ten, munching on some Cold Rock
Bubblegum flavour, gummy bears, yeah, the whole lot
Fast forward, now we watching junkies on them cold rocks
I'm just tryna live clean and motivate the whole squad
Ayy, curls get the girls, and trust me, I got plenty
My girl Naomi Campbell while you're stuck with Ugly Betty
Just remember where you’re from, your swagger isn't that
While you acting like you black, I'm putting crackers on the map
Capture that like a GoPro, they be sayin' I'm so dope
When I hit 'em with a skippy rhythm, got these other rappers on slow-mo
Oh no, mayday, Nervey got a payday
Get the job finished, then we rolling up, AK
Breaking boundaries like Don Bradman in his heyday
They can hate, but I ain't ever listen to what they say
Vacate out my space, you ain't on the same wave
I'm here to build monopolies, but I ain't tryna play games
Open my eyes and I see my dreams
I got coffee in a pot, I don't need to sleep
I be the beast, I beat the beat
They see me creep, it's easy, G
I keep it G, they fiend for me
I never see defeat
Work my hands to the bone, no easy street
Whole crew tryna get that Visa cheese
I'm finna tour overseas, give me visa, please, like
Why they tryna act mean to me?
You hate, but you don't know what this means to me
I'm tryna make ends, son, this a means for me
I work hard, but I do it so easily
Shouts my affiliates, G's to me
Back in the day, made beats for free
Now I rock a show, that's a G at least
Now everybody want a piece of me
Me and the crew working nine to five
And tryna build our lives with the art we write
You tryna bring me down, you don't know half the life
I'm tryna work this hard 'til the afterlife
Tryna work this hard, but my arms are tied
I got things to do in only half the time
So I don't miss a groove, getting faster
Don't bring me drama, son, I ain't after fights
I'm after accomplishments
I'm diggin' in dirt 'til it's bottomless
Give me that work and I'm bossin' it
Motivation, homie, this for the positive
Get up, go, get it done
Work it out, make it run
Try to hate, looking dumb
I'm just in it, this is love
From the blood to the sweat to the tears
Son, I been through it all, that's one hell of a year
But I never will fall and I never will fear
Got my crew on my back and they helpin' me steer
Got my crew on my back and they helpin' me drive
NO.ONE Network, that's for life
Shout out to Golly, we getting it right
Don't need the molly, I just need a mic
I might just come with a bang, N to the E to the R-V-E
Got beats on beats on beats on beats on beats on beats on beats on beats
I might just come with a bang, N to the E to the R-V-E
Got beats on beats on beats on beats like (Woo)

Nerve – Walk & Talk, Pt. 2

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