I got bitches in the trap (trap)
I got niggas in the trap (woah)
All my niggas in the Nat (no)
Half my niggas sellin' Cat (whoop)
Half my bitches sellin' twat (yeah)
Southside do the most (yeah)
Southside, hit my coast (yeah)
Goin' live, doin' the most [Interpolation: Travis Scott]
You need to know that I'm a rider
Tonight we gonna set the streets on fire
All I need is the gas and a lighter
And we'll have one hell of a time[Verse 1]
Hunnid bands, hunnid bands (bands)
Southside with the gram' (yeah)
Northside with the django (whip)
Hit it both sides 'til she blank (oh)
Fuck the Man, I'm the Man (fuck em)
Fuck you talkin' bout a gang? (yeah)
Bullets give your body a tan (brrr)
Now this is how you make a plan:
Dissect the stogie then roll up the OG, gave her the pill like the one that's emoji
Locked in a suite, mix the Zack with the Cody, smoke up the gas, dump the ash in the trophies
Lean with the Fanta, I'm feelin' like Kobe
I'm out in the hills with the pack, that's my homies
Fuck up some commas then bask in the glory
Out in Balito, they think it's Adobe
I got bangers for these kids, I swear they gotta hear
Keep your phone outta my face or else you're outta here
I hold up one in the sky, yeah we outside
Southside in this bit' 'til her mouth wide
We gon rule the world
We been goin' live now - it's our time now
Screamin' fuck the world, yeah
Feelin' so alive now, finna go the mile now[Verse 2]
For my theme song, I'mma get in my King Kong
My body keep goin', putting my team on
She told me to dream on
She left me for bigger things, now I'm doin' bigger things
She want someone to lean on
Run it up! (x3)
Count up the count up then run it up
Money up and that's blue money, tryna get all my hunnids up
Your man called while you pick it up pick up your soul too
Like the Steers driveway, bitch, me and you so through
I ain't got no remorse, I mean
Tryna get more endorsed I need
Sus by Mike Kors, I need
Shoes by Nike Force, damn
Run it up!
Run it up!
Run it up!
Run it up!
Run it up!
Run it up! (brrr)
Hunnid up!
Hunnid up!
Hunnid up!
Hunnid up!
Hunnid up!
Hunnid up! (Jesus)

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