[Verse 1: NateKG]
Feels like I've been about weak
Grinding I ain't get no sleep
Letting my thoughts run deep
Lately, talking's not been cheap, aye
You deserve [?]
Watch the company you keep
Never know who might cheat
That's, why we always bring heat
I'mma adjust to the facts
That's where the game stay stacked
Pulling [?]
[?], extract
[?] your mind
Then send chills down your spine
CHAOS is done being kind
This, [?] and CHAOS combined, huh [Verse 2: Dre Kitsune]
Working hard with no sleep
While I'm rapping on the beat
Dropping all of this heat
Song after song in a heartbeat
I bring the evil in me
Then I flee the scene
Then I head to the street
Silently having a killing spree
Take a piss in the sea
While I'm smoking this weed
I got this drink in my hand
While I'm on the way to the dreamland
You can't have my energy
For my energy is edgy
I do this shit in a week
Keeping the pace with no sleep

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