2 hits of that good shit
Been patient
I ain't the same without ya love
It ain't the same without the rush
You bring to my, daily demise See You've been on my hit list
1 time for the 1 time
Brown skin, with the green eyes
First hit got me hypnotized
OooBreak you down
Spread you out
As your eyes, roll back for me
Close yo mouth
Way too loud
Neighbors bout to make a sceneI never told my dawgs about cha
Cause they all would want a piece
I'll never bring them up around cha
Cause them niggas ain't me, ain't me!!!!Babe
So closе yo eyes & easе my mind
Let tension float away
As I hold your thighs get deep inside
Pleasures been on your face! OoDidn't I forget to mention
When I call you better answer
Dying for all your attention
Cause loving you is my cancer, cancer 2×

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