[Verse 1: Chali 2Na]
From the drop of blood, to bones and body parts
To vital organs, forming your brain and tiny heart
You'll feed to escape the birth until puberty finally starts
Adolescence, so don't, then your elderly body rots
It was divine decree that begun the plan
But this disease be decreed by the sons of man

Don't try to leave with the guns in hand
Understand: God's the one in command [Bridge 1: David Byrne]
Did we climb out of the sea?
Where did we come from, you and me?

Two legs to walk, and eyes to see
I'm not a man I want to be[Chorus 1: David Byrne (Gift of Gab)]
People growing, my backyard (I'm growing in your backyard)
In my garden, in my heart (I'm in your garden, I'm in your heart)
Pink and purple, red and blue (See all the colors?)
On this sunny afternoon (It's a sunny afternoon)[Verse 2: Gift of Gab]
Back before time was time and space was space
The ever-present eye divine so laced with grace
Decided it was time to try to chase, to chase
But what it would design, now life is taking place
Within itself, divided; now it takes some space
And it can't be found alive, the mind creates the state
Of ego, now what's mine is mine

OK, now hate will reign until the blind have eyes and they awaken[Bridge 2: David Byrne]
How are the seeds in the ground?
How is my garden growing now?
A tender kiss, a little smile
The way a mother holds her child[Chorus 2: David Byrne (Chali 2Na)]
Tasty little human beings (Tasty little human beings)
I grow them on the people tree (I grow them on the people tree)
I will eat them one by one (Eat them one by one)
If there's enough for everyone (Like you and you)
[Verse 3: Gift of Gab (Chali 2Na)]
Born in the ever-flowing life beyond the dirt
Tell me what the purpose is for creating the earth
(Mainly we created the planet as man's habitat
Be fruitful and multiply across the planet's back)
Well, why does hate exist? The war and AIDS and shit?
If we're to be fruitful, why can't poor people pay they rent?
(Cause love and hate, both sides are conjoined
Physical forms have to deal with both sides of the coin)

Why do we die? (So you can live!)
Why do we strive? (So you can win!)
(But why did you defy every truthful word I recommend?)
My question back, why do you recommend and throw temptation in?
(So I can test your patience and tolerance in the face of sin)
But why a test when you hold all the answers to the state we in?
(For you to bear witness the imperfections of mortal men)
So it's a lesson? (And a blessing journey back to where you've been
Cause before the tree can flourish seeds must first be planted in)[Chorus 1: David Byrne (Gift of Gab)]
People growing, my backyard (I'm growing in my backyard)
In my garden, in my heart (I'm in your garden, I'm in your heart)
If you like my garden, you might like me (Look at all the colors!)
Underneath the people tree

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