[Verse One: Myles Blue]
I do what I want
And I give what I got
How I be running the game while I walk
I'm Jogging, still they want me to stop
Just warming up, and I'm not even hot
Hours I put in, so time that I'm clocking
Investing my time, opportunity knocking
Charged up, it really be shocking
See me improving, they get right to plotting
Pray on my downfall, it got me rising
New studio setup, old mix I'm revising
I stay in my bag, sirens enticing
My girl got the cake so I come with the icing [Verse Two: Jarou]
These boys crossing the line, like hockey they really be icing
I eat the beat as a meal, so I grab my knife and I be dicing
We at the top of the game, to me this really ain't surprising
No control of your senses, this a consensus, but I'm still built like Aizen
Hop on the beat and I kill it you know that I do it with ease
I swear I stay tearing it up and to me is just such a breeze
Rapping since a damn kid, when I learned my A, B's and C's
Man I want money, and cars, and that AP on me to just freeze
Keeping two right on wrists, looking good yeah that's how I be rocking bro
I'm copping those
Yellow diamonds, like lightning, I pull up and it be so shocking bro
[Verse Three: Myles Blue]
I said I'm the best
Chain on my neck
It's causing me pressure, but I am not pressed
I'm feeling blessed
Time is money, you need to invest
I'm never impressed
But, she say she don't know me, but homie to me she obsessed
Chest feeling heavy, not talking bout chain
Stay in your lane
They want me to fall, cause I'm dripping like rain
Been thru dark knights I'm feeling like Wayne
Fabricate fiction, I been thru the pain
But I can see through it like window
They want me to lose I win tho
I'm raising the bar no limbo
Aim with the beam, Red dot make skin glow
They throwing the shade like a field day
I'm finna win the real way
Stay in my bag get real paid
Grip on the iron, the steel weight
I don't mean to flex material shit
But homie, your material shit
My materials lit
My material fits
I'm a killer, no cereal - they question my wit
But I am the teacher
She on her knees, but I'm not a preacher
I don't try to reach her
But I'm in the field, they watch from the bleachers
Got stripes like adidas
But you'd never think, cause I'm the cleanest
I stay with the team y'all cannot beat us
Out of this world like I came from Venus
[Verse Four: Jarou]
There's sum bout this track
It's really too gas
Shit got me thinking it's Jupiter
I never do lack
They tryna pass
They're dumb and some even stupider
I'm feeling real hot just like Lucifer
She hot too, get my arrows and shoot at her
Shoot my shot, I miss not, yah I Cupid her
Please do not get too close, you might lose your fur
Cause I am a beast, I control the East, the West, the North, and the South
You better watch your damn mouth
Cause I am a snake you a mouse
I'm tryna be Cole but not Sprouse
I'm taking a trip to Laos
I got fire drip I'm doused
Out at sea on a ship I'm lost
This shit hot like propane and I know that your feeling it
Bars like cocaine and I really I be dealing it
There's no pain, you just tryna be stealing it
Result is no gain, yah that's truly the real in it
Green grassy
Bars nasty
I'm so great like Gatsby
Tuff fit
No shit
I'm classy
Too lit
Just quit
Can't pass me

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