[Verse - Adonis Reaper]
In the background church hymns sing
April 15, she birth him

From the heavens where they sent him
Pontius Pilate cursed him
They knew he was a threat to their oppression yet he somehow survived their domination
Here to save the nation, he was anti-abomination

At the time he was too young to understand it all, still fascinated by the simple things & furthermore
Every morning had to wake up & get water from the river, they were poor
What they had was enough cos he never wanted more
The only thing that really mattered was the company around him
Surrounded by his people & they loved him
Whenever he was down, they would hug him
Eventually, the pendulum swings
Sunday afternoons, he was runnin through the streets, tryna blend in with the freaks, witnessing killings & drug dealings, got exposed to demons
A misguided young nigga got the gift with the curse, differentiating all the good from the bad
Niggas were mad, others isolated cause like him they never knew their own dads
He made peace with it, moved on
Same ol' shit, new song

Attention please, here's the plot twist
It gets fun, transition from the prodigal son to the chosen one
Straight from the concrete, that's where he rose from
Where he came; all em' folks were satisfied & settled for less but not him, he had to break out

Stepped onto the scene & took bread out
Hoping that they follow from the blueprint that he laid out
Guess not, narrow minded niggas in their 30's & they wonder why we damaged
They couldn't see the vision but it worked to his advantage
For many years he practised
All the pressure on his back, niggas thought he wouldn't manage
He left em all in awe, droppin' jaws

The hood was at war, ey don't you tell me bout the law
Who gives a damn about us?
A Glock nine the only thing a black nigga can trust cos when the cops shoot us, who we gon' call?
And once my life is gone, can't nobody give it back to me
I tried to talk to God but he ain't talking back to me, i think he got his back to me, devil's tryna dance
Should fake my death & go to France
Premeditated suicide caught up in a trance
Nobody truly knows me & it's all cool wimme
Apologizing in advance should the money change me
(I know i got my girl to guide me back to the light so lemme get high just for the night)
Letter to the ghetto, we gon' be alright
Who woulda that I'd be rapping on beats, publicizing all my views & beliefs
While my niggas back home are busy hugging the streets
Mythologic God, sumn like Pluto, i'm in agony
What happened to the man in me, who wanted to change the world;
He saw that they got Jesus crucified (Why)
Cos Lucifer lied
So it's time to ask yourselves who really setting us back?
Is it The Man?
Or the land that we demand?
Are we hindering the evolution?
How many revolutions we gon have fore' we do the right thing?
Rip to all the great men; Martin Luther King, 2Pac, Alexander The Great
One Caucasian
50 Years later & they legends in the making
Lord i pray for better days & to keep a strong faith
The hood is knocking on the door but they'd rather see a black nigga strapping his gun
[Outro - Nas (Sampled)]
The Gift and The Curse? F*ck that shit, the first you'll be last
I'm the man's man, a rapper's rapper
G-O-D, S-O-N – they'll be none after
I was Scarface, *** was Manolo
It hurt me when I had to kill him and his whole squad for dolo
(gun shot)

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