Living in a free world
On my money mission
I’m on time
Got a vision that’s no exception
I won’t lie
When I started this shit man
I knew I would end up on top
So One man band
Coming in clear
When my results
Will result
Enemies just fall
It’s all in the grind
Make something from nothing
I didn’t have to wonder
I just jumpedJumped like a MF was trying to fly
Flapping my little arms tryna catch up to the satellites
Simply a lit ascension
I’m on time
Ticky tick time
Chicky chicky chick
Jiffy jiggy jig
Drawing a line
Ticky tick time
Chicky chick chime
Drawing a lineNow you my booboo
Under my voodoo
We get Sublime
This is that shit that you can’t even find
This is that park and thе lot in a bind
They get to slacking and I get divinе
Shit on the game
It’s a waste of my time
I told you already
I already told you
Don’t ask for my number
Bitch get off my line

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