(Intro: MrRandomhere)
Sorry Lex, we didn’t mean to take your sample-
But like, you d-
You don’t own the sample-
I mean you didn’t make it- (Hook: MrRandomhere)
Fucking’s my hobby
And bitches moan in the lobby
Call me Brett, cause I’m rockin’ and yo bitches smells like Wasabi
Put it in the cart fushikagi
Bitches man, name is Bobby
Fuck yo hoe then we chillin’ while we eating some TakisI’m like
Bro bro
Stop what you doin’
I’m fucking
Hoes hoes
Like when we cruisin
Who’s on top
It’s a flop
Bitch named Tod
Oh my god(Verse One: Sxdboynoah)
I'm a Xan man
I bе countin' bands, man
Pull a teach you up, just like it's phan man
Got a bad bitch on my dick, and she shakin' it
Bitchеs talkin' shit on my name, like I ain't makin' itBut I'm countin' hundreds. and hundreds
I got em' comin' in dozens
Bitch, you a nerd like McLovin
I'll cut you up like some onionsPut a hole in her husband
She licked a dick, before she sucked it
You ain't got money to fuck it
That's the end of the discussion, damn(Verse Two: MrRandomhere)
I got the guap
Make songs, you cop
Carried by the beat, and yet the song always flops
Pop, we lock
We got some shots
Rockin’ with yo bitch, and she beggin’ for Saint LaurentI got itty bitty bitches they dancin just like a spider
I be beatin up the pussy you know that i'm not a fighter
I got her sucking on this dick, let’s just hope that she’s not a biter
I be cranking, got em quakin’, let’s meet random he’s on fire, aye

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