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James Sweet I was really happy to hear that aspect of Clifford come out because he loved me and loved himHe would follow me anyplace. We used to go out on our Louis and Clark expeditions – going out in those swamps. Going through the little ravines and creeks. We got lost and got loud thenThat was the beautiful part about it. At that part I didn’t understand that Jupiter could be a paradise. I just thought “wow why not New York? Why not Chicago? Why not Los Angeles? Why we gotta be out here fightin these mosquitos, snakes and all other kinda things”Anyway…I am very pleased to know or hear from other people on their perspective of who Clifford Sweet was because I see in all the things they’re saying….just….(sigh)….my father all over again. Only he was not….I don’t…..well I heard that too…..he put a few head locks on people. (wisftful chuckle)But…but…but….he also had a beautiful side, my mother’s side, he could always bring you to his chest and love you after he already teared up your hide
Mr. Sweet – The 280

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