[John Erwin - Aries moon]
The sun in Sagittarius and the moon in Aries is a way out front native
You wake up every morning, all systems go
Every day is a race that you're not only going to win
But in which you will establish new records
Restless, enthusiastic, and energetic
You're always seeking new worlds to conquer
Also, there are new ideas to set in motion
And very few obstacles big enough to stop you [Nancy Priddy - Taurus moon]
You are one of the fortunates who doesn't have too much to prove to others or to himself
When the Archer's moon is in the sign of the Bull
Learning for the sake of learning, and the fulfillment one gets from just knowing
Seeking love in its purest sense, and finding all loves in one
You take people as you find them, making them more than they knew they could be
By just being very much yourself, and staying close always to the music
[Michael Bell - Gemini moon]
Sagittarius with a Gemini moon can mean a smooth talker who likes to cover ground
You're another one of the restless natives
You like to move, and make your presence known wherever you are
You have a devil-quick mind and your tempo can knock the devil out of your nervous system
But you always recover, because you just can't sit still
You have to be out there among them, letting them know they've been missing something:
You[John Erwin - Cancer moon]
The sun in Sagittarius and the moon in Cancer is capable of dreaming the impossible dream
And having it happen
Your approach is distinctly yours
Whatever you do springs from your imagination, which is as unique as your thumbprint
One quality that fire and water have in common, is that uncontained they spread
This your Achilles heel because it feels so good to just let yourself go[Nancy Priddy - Leo moon]
Sagittarius with the moon in Leo is the Archer king of the mountain
You ascend to the top of the mountain because you have courage and you are crowned because you have worth
This the combination where the positive and noble qualities of man appear to come together
You can achieve the highest aspirations, gain the whole world
And never compromise your honor, or your soul[Michael Bell - Virgo moon]
The word and the thought are close together, when the Sagittarian moon is in Virgo
You know how to present your case, in a courtroom or out of it
You have a cool head and can store knowledge for use when you need it
You're self-aware without being self-conscious
You respect principle and people
And uphold them both, no matter what the personal cost
[John Erwin - Libra moon]
The Sagittarian with the Libran moon finds harmony in personal relationships, and also self-fulfillment
People are a good bet for you, because you're optimistic and believe in them
Much of the security and the comfort you seek is a direct result of those who love you and befriend you
However, there is perception behind that personable façade
That can spot a counterfeit faster than you can say "FBI"[Nancy Priddy - Scorpio moon]
You are nobody's keeper but your own, when the Archer and the Scorpion moon get together
You start fast and alone, and finish faster
You have the physical, intellectual, and emotional strength to make your life work
There is temper here, and the Scorpion tongue can jab deep and draw blood if provoked
However, you are easy with a dollar and generous with your time
But always know what you are doing with both[Michael Bell - Sagittarius moon]
"Don't fence me in"
And it's pretty difficult to do when both the sun and the moon is in Sagittarius
All the Sagittarian qualities are raised to the nth power
Impulsiveness, restlessness, and curiosity will take this native to far places
Either in mind or in geography
This a gentle adventurer
Who touches the world with a warm hand
And asks only that the world allows him to get a better look at it[John Erwin - Capricorn moon]
Strength through thought
Is the root of your progress, if the Sagittarian moon is in Capricorn
The climbing ambition of the Goat takes the form of intellect and progress is equated with intellectual attainment
The more you know, the more you grow, and the higher you go
Yours is a well organized ascent for you believe
"Everything in its place
Anything, anywhere
What a disgrace"
[Nancy Priddy - Aquarius moon]
Sagittarius rhymes with Aquarius
And when the Sagittarian moon is Aquarian, that rhyme is part of a song
It is the music of ideals for which you are able to find the words
And like any good song, there is something vaguely familiar, and at the same time strikingly original about it
Your message is one of hope, for everyone
And you can always find ears that appreciate your words and music
And other voices to sing them, and keep your message alive[Michael Bell - Pisces moon]
The Sagittarian with his moon in Pisces is the Archer who aims his arrow at a target deep inside himself
You're the one who does not care to shoot down the sun, moon or stars
But simply to be content that they are where they are and you can look at them and appreciate them when you want to
Your goal is cultivation of the spirit
And all the gold, power and fame in the universe could not satisfy you half as much
As that reality

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