[Nancy Priddy - First season]
Sagittarius begins with the need to know why
To him, things must make sense
And nothing will be accepted at face value
The young Archer's thoughts will be his arrows
And no targets will be off-limits
The native will be bright, at times precocious, and his mind in a constant ferment
His sense of humor will never fail him
His need to feel good about people, and to be accepted by them endows him with a highly developed personality
This child will need outdoor living and will love animals
He grows best in the environmеnt of honesty
Hypocrisy confuses him and he will nеver understand the reason for it
His curiosity will be unlimited and when he asks a question he will be prepared to wait forever for the right answer
[Michael Bell - Second season]
In his second season, the Sagittarian will cut the umbilical cord clean
Usually, wanderlust claims him
He may even develop some Don Quixote tendencies and run off to right the wrongs of the world
He may stumble in and out of personal and professional situations
Creating animosity, because of his lack of tact, and diplomacy
But he blunders happily, and like the English, muddles through
His profound need will be to calm his restless mind
And to control an optimism that defies the law of gravity [John Erwin - Third season]
In his third season, the Sagittarian, who has learned by living
Realizes the value of purpose in action
He ceases traveling for the sake of traveling
He seeks relationships that have a better chance of succeeding
It is then the Archer selects a target worthy of his skills
And when he lets the arrow fly, it will hit its mark
With his excellent mental equipment, his honesty, candor, irrepressible personality, and unwavering optimism
He runs up a high score[Nancy Priddy - Fourth season]
In his fourth season, the Sagittarian begins his final journey home
Time will not have lessened his optimism, or his curiosity
Or dampened his enthusiasm
He'll have made a thousand friends, who will have accepted him on his terms
No punches pulled
There will be animals, and a place to grow things
And pair of eyes, still bright, and looking ahead
For Sagittarian men and women alike, to become is to see beyond what is
Simply by asking

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