[Michael Bell - Numbers]
Three is the number of looking forward
And it is Sagittarian's only view of the world
He doesn't look back
Three is the numerical indication of expression
And the Archer is always seeking ways to express
Three are the rings of the circus
And Sagittarians are happy when there is open air, animals, bright colors, and tents that contain wonders
Three was the number of masts on the old sailing ships
And Sagittarius is the journeyer of the zodiac
Three is the number most associated with religion
And the Archer, though he may shed dogma, will always have a capacity for believing
This thе key to his optimism
Three is the number of dеvelopment
And the Sagittarian curiosity is rooted in his need to understand, and to grow [Nancy Priddy - Gems]
Because turquoise is a stone of sky blue and sea green
And because the sky is space in which to fly
And the sea is space in which to sail
And both are mirrors of freedom, they are Sagittarian's gem
Turquoise is the gently bright stone
It is neither as obvious as Leo's ruby, or as hard as Aries' diamond
But it reflects more joy, and more honest laughter
Nevertheless, the turquoise is neither as memorable, or as permanent as the ruby or the diamond
And the Archer has this to remind him that he may travel and never look back or remember that which he left behind
But in turn, he forsakes the right to be remembered
[John Erwin - Colors]
Color Sagittarius blue
As blue as a fresh morning after the mist is gone
As blue as a blue bell
Or a blue bird, or bluegrass
Or any growing thing which is blue
As blue as the sunset silhouettes of animals and pasture
For the Archer is never far from nature
And if he strays too far from the natural and growing things
He loses part of himself[Michael Bell - Closing]
So, Sagittarius
Enjoy your three-ring circus
Escape in the blue-green mirror of the turquoise
See the blue shadows of sunsets and far places
The thing to ask yourself is
When the journey is over, where will you be
And who will be with you

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