[John Erwin]
What makes Sagittarius optimistic?
The planet Jupiter is a harmonious planet
It rules the elements, denoting hope, spirituality, and good fortune
It endows the native with a sense of well-being, that is difficult to dim
This indeed a person born under a lucky star
And somehow, he knows this intuitively
And so, is ever confident of the future [Nancy Priddy]
What makes Sagittarius generous?
Jupiter rules the arterial system of the body, distributing the warmth and sustenance
Which creates the sense of abundance within the native
Creating also a constant expansion, an overflow of good feelings that makes the Archer want to share what he has and what he is
[Michael Bell]
What makes Sagittarius impulsive?
Jupiter is electric, masculine, and positive
It also indicates a forward motion, an irrepressible urge to assert, to become
The native must express
And with his inner sense of well-being, will do so
With less caution than more timid souls would display[John Erwin]
What makes Sagittarius?
For Jupiter is reverential
And Jupiter rules Sagittarius

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