[John Erwin]
In love, Sagittarius?
Did I say something funny?
Oh, you weren't laughing at the question, just the color of my shirt
We were talking about your being in love
The truth is, you'd prefer to fall in love and not get serious
I mean, with all that action out there
And on the other hand, with this one, you just don't know
The thing you like is that it's fun and-
Well, you just wish you could put your finger on it
All you can say is that, so far, it looks great
In love with the Sagittarius man, my girl?
I hope you have a sense of humor
I mean, I hope you can take a joke
You'll have to listen to quite a few before the talk gets serious
Then it might be you who has to start talking
And when his answer comes, it won't sound like a valentine
It will sound like an emotional ledger sheet
If it balances, yes, he'll be surprised
He has this thing about being free
But the thing is, as much as he resists total involvement, it's the most necessary ingredient for his growth
If you convince him, one thing you're sure to have: the novelty of truth
He'll never lie to you [Michael Bell]
In love with a Sagittarius girl, my boy?
You do like three ring circuses
And you do like to move around a lot
And it doesn't really bother you if she has a remarkable number of male friends
That's how the lady is
She is not for the guy with the delicate ego
Also, she doesn't have secrets
Whatever you want to know, she'll tell you
If you can't handle the facts, let the circus move on without you
Her compulsion is to be open, and hypocrisy is something she doesn't understand or engage in
There's a lot of tomboy in her heart
And she'll always, in one way or another, be one of the boys
She will never be the proverbial bird in the cage
She likes to fly
She must fly
But if she loves you, and she wouldn't be with you otherwise, she'll be back
She probably didn't go very far
It's just that she likes to know that love does not a prison make
Truth is, she probably followed a stray pussycat
Or, took in the flower show
[John Erwin]
Out of love Sagittarius?
Not again
In a way, it's a relief
In another, it hurts like the devil

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