You've Arrived lyrics

Welcome back to life
I've been waiting for you
It feels like it's been ten years
Or more
And I hope you know that I always believed in you
I knew you'd find your way
I've waited a long time
Now finally you've arrived I've always thought you were a special person
But you've suppressed it so much
For so long
You kept it hidden
Held it back (Back)
But now it's time to come out with the truth
One, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one
Onе of these days herе
Is gonna make sense
Make sense
Make senseYou're on the precipice
Right on the cusp of success
You cannot give up now
It would be a tragedy
It would be a crime
A crime against humanity
You're about to
Show them who you are

Moot Booxlé – You\'ve Arrived

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