[Intro: Yun Head]
I'm recording
(Ayy!) [Verse 1: Yun Head]
Okay, we out here and my parents disappear (Ayy!)
Run up on your home with a chopper, not a queer (Not a queer)
Why you talkin' back? Pussy boy, bro I'm right here
I'ma cook you up like a pig, let me take it back, lil' pig
I'ma bust down and you can't do it anyway, cut the back on stage (The police can't chase this)
Chopstick on me like I'm Asian and I got an Asian, fuck Craigslist
I ate a pig and it tastes so excell- I shot a pig and he said ow!
This is so awesome and I want a pig right, right now! (Mmm)[Interlude: MOL$]
(Yuh, ayy, yuh)[Verse 2: MOL$ & Drake]
We- Bitch I'm piped up, MOL$ will take your Robux (Yeah)
Yeah, I'm hyped up, I slept through the night (Like a light)
Nothin' nice, (Yeah) back you up with ice (Yeah)
This ain't no price, (Yeah) you playin' with yo' life (Yeah)
I don't sip no syrup, I just go and beat my wife (Yeah)
I don't do a weed, I am fancy your mom with see (Yeah)
I don't drink and drive, I will make you not alive (Yeah)
I play Roblox, and I got a fuckin' knife (What?)

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