[Verse 1]
You ain't never had nobody give it to like i do woah
Maybe I deserve in the background
Baby I'm just tryna get it back now She look good I don't tell her no lie but I really want you, yea
Im all up your cell how you got me
Swear you the only one that stop meBut you were tryna get me open
But only if I knew, I just needed some of you, you, no lie
Now I'm something that you cope with
So when you call me up, it's like you called my bluff[Verse 2]
I could have got you a ticket you should have came through
You know I know in the city you with the same dudes
Thats little purpose your life is getting tangledDon't mean to preach i'd be lying to say I hate you
You be lying to tell me something you can't do
You the one for them all your fathers angelHe don't know how it go
When you on road
All this love on the go
Yea, all these men never had you look around tryna find the key to your soul
Its all for the low now
You letting it go now
I seen you at White last night and shit
You were letting them all down, whats up[Outro]
Yea, yea
Yea, yea
I want you
I want youYea, yea
Yea, yea
I want you
I want youCause there ain't nothing better for you
No no
There ain't nothing better for you out there
Said there ain't nothing better for you

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