Mod Sun Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #020




[Verse 1]
I know you heard a lot of motherfuckers rap on this beat
But you ain't ever heard a motherfucker do it like me
I walk up into the room they know I'm the hippie
Steppin' out a time machine from the fuckin' 70s
Oh please, real rockstar since preteens
Age 13 got a fuckin' sleeve
Do you know what the fuck that means?
I had roots before you even blew trees
Believe me, competition weakening
Off the drugs I'm peaking, but my soul keeps seeking
I feel, fucking fantastic this evening
Might give the Leakers 80 bars without even breathing, might
Handcuff myself to this mic, I ain't leavin'
'Cause I need to blow up and I been schemin'
So unless you want me to be here sleepin'
I suggest you play my song 10 times every weekend
"Ay, I'm just gettin' this all warmed up" (Yeah, let's go)
"I said... ay"
Open up the phone lines I bet they blinkin'
Always got a zone man my pocket reekin'
They sent me to rehab I was barely drinkin'
...Fuck y'all for that, ay
Y'all sleepin', I'm about to wake you up
I go off the top, you go off the cuff
I do not say what's up, to all y'all little guys
I came to be, the motherfuckin' guy
With tie dye in my eyes I need a nobel prize
If you want to get with me well I'm not surprised
"Ooh, shit, what'd I say then? I was like this, uh"
Okay rappers, uh, y'all are good 'til I zoom more
Then all you look like is a Yeezy season mood board
I think you need to do more
Everytime I shoot yeah I do score, good lord
That shit got me so bored, I'm the most underrated for sure
How many artists did I bring on the first tour
"Let me- I'm gonna count- I'm gonna tell you it was like"
Gnash, G-Eazy, I could namedrop more but that would be sleazy
I do this shit believe me, and clearly
The motherfucking game needs me, shit
Yeah, and I do this so easy, when I let down my hair in the breezy
I do my own waves, you try to steal lanes
I made my motherfuckin' name sang
And my mom proud of me, put me on the TV
I'm freestylin', R-E-C
That mean record, I can't be ignored
I'm ridin' caddies you in an Accord, shit [Verse 2]
I spent 3 nights on peyote, tryna get to know me
And I never got that fully, all my moments holy
Hippie know you're rolling, spend my time alone
But I am never lonely, cause
I am my biggest fan, I think I am the man
I see it inside of my head that I hold it inside my hand
I get to the end then I just start up again
Fuck a Grammy imma win me an Oscar
Smokin' on somethin' proper 'til my eyes red as a lobster
Same black leather pants, hair still like pasta
Yeah I look like a rockstar but I rap like a monster, huh
And you should be aware but IDFC like I am Blackbear
And that is just me statin' a fact, once I spit this rap my ex gon' want me back, ay
"Hi baby, you miss me? Just a little bit? Huh? Hey fuck that, ay"
Give me that good vibration, momma I been waitin', if it's any indication
All these drugs that we been takin' ain't the reason you mistaken
I'm a monster in the making, I don't get it shakin', I get it fuckin' earthquakin'
It's a goddamn fact of life, admit it why you wanna go your whole goddamn life
A cynic, take just one, visit to the side of life I'm livin'
Give me 5 minutes, imma teach you how to get it
Plain and simple, on the tempo
What I'm on, is confidential
Treat my mental, like a temple
I own this style, it ain't a rental
And I'm about to get it then I'll give back
Yeah this is for the days I used to flip packs, now I flip raps
Can't calm down, never relax
You can't fuck with my vibe, I'm just statin' the facts
"Listen, I bring good vibe shit, that keep you alive shit, watch"
Ay ay ay, give me that- give me that guapa no papa no
I got no obstacle I'm feelin' fuckin' unstoppable
Bring up my name it's so topical, smokin' a strain that's so tropical
I sound so so so phenomenal, you sound so so-so like I need a Tylenol
Most of these rappers just lie to y'all, I just be smilin' though
Dippin' like where did the time just go? (MOD SUN)
Olympic status I be better than average, you need to raise up your standards
I cause a whole 'lotta damage, in front I be on these cameras
That got these people in them and I been climbin' up the ladder
Rung by rung one by one, but the day's not done
We the type of people that chase the sun
We take it back to where it begun
The end just start again
And since I have my time right now, this ain't the end
Imma start a-fucking-gain, watch
"Ay, Mod ohh ayy"
Give 'em that raw shit, aw shit
Throw 'em in a moshpit, clock tick
Y'all are not sick, you're toxic
Give 'em that kill switch, real quick, click
Bang bang, shot 'em down once again with a peace sign
I feel like the best of my lifetime
And if you wanna tell me different, terrific, let's get specific
Okay, here's some things that I did you didn't...
Wait a minute (Come on, talk to 'em), Mod sun you trippin'
'Cause, I'm really not narcissistic but, I really am mad artistic
So, I guess I gotta show you my vision and
Let you know I'm gifted, and then it's your choice if you listen
But you should
'Cause I'm good (Great)

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