[Intro: Prodigy]
Yeah, about to get my thug on
The 41st side of things [Verse 1: Prodigy]
I used to be in love with this bitch named E&J
Don't fuck with her no more, now I fuck with Tanqueray
Tanqueray introduced me to her first cousin Gold
(Yeah, that bitch)
Last name was English and the first name Olde
But Gold couldn't take the dick, it made me lazy
We split apart and now I met this new trick Dainy
Now me and Dainy, we been together ever since
Our love combines to form a science, what is this?
I bust her cherry, took her virginity in '91 (Word)
Now that she's open, everybody want to tap something
Go get your own, don't make me have to fucking clap something
I love my shorty more than life, now ain't that something?
To love you, Dainy, more than living itself
Even though my friends tell me she ain't good for my health
When I go pick her up, they tell me put her back on the shelf
They say, yo P, she only wants you for one thing, that's your wealth
But I don't pay attention, 'cause she's my baby, the Dainy
You know she drive me crazy, she's my number one lady
Met her back in '89, now she's 22, acting like she 40 (Word)
She said "All I need is a man to support me"
Besides, you from the 41st side of things (Uhh)
And Queensbridge niggas be acting like they kings
Pushin' Lexuses, wearing fat diamond rings
My cellular phone reigns supreme, international, think rational
The 12th Street crew, move back when we come through
[Chorus: Prodigy]
I think the whole world's going insane
I fill my brain up with Dainy, and drink away the pain
I think the whole world's going insane
I fill my mind up with liquor, and drink away the pain
I think the whole world's losing its brain
I fill my brain up with liquor, and drink away the pain (What, what)
I think the whole world's going insane
I fill my mind up with Dainy, and drink away the pain[Verse 2: Q-Tip]
Tommy Hil' was my nigga, and others couldn't figure
How me and Hilfiger used to move through with vigor
Had to sit and plan on how to make these seven figures
Said a Brinks is coming through, at Fashion Avenue
At Tuesday at two, now we gotta form a crew
Of motherfuckers, who ain't going out like suckers
Told me call Karl Kani, and all my other brothers
I told my sister Walker, who was the smoothest talker
Negotiate the deal with them other money stalkers
Diesel drove the the Bimmer, the hatchback of course
Nautica'll navigate to keep us on course
Polo's acting bolo, trying to say he the Boss
I said shut the fuck up, the kid is out with the loot sack
Got a big trey pound, itchin' just to swoop back
Timb is on the roof with the twelve gauge rifle
Scope is on the top so you know he livin' Eiffel
Took the aim of Oswald, caught him North in the Face
All them other kids, they had they tools aimed at space
Levi had the snub, so you know they getting laced
Donna Karan was cryin' 'cause mad shells was flyin'
Damn, all we want is a piece of the pie and
Nike scooped the sacks 'cause he moves like Air
Threw them shits up in the trunk, now we up out here
Got back to the mansion to divvy up the paper
Helly Hansen was the brain of the whole entire caper
So she felt it was right, for her to get the whole slice
Everybody in the crew didn't think it was nice
I guess not, and Guess was hot, so guess what (What?)
Guess took the jigga, and jigged her in the gut
[Bridge: Q-Tip]
When you play with crime, sometimes it's not too fly
Even though the goods look deceiving to the eye
The end situation could leave your ass fried (Yo, aiyo)
That's why you got to walk on by, walk on by
Walk on by, walk on by, walk on by[Verse 3: Havoc]
My man P put me on to the shorty Henn Rock
Now Henn Rock is strong enough to make your heartbeat stop
One sip, I thought the bitch was a fucking warlock
The more she started givin' me, the stronger I got
Pushed her off to the crew, then she started gettin' jealous
Steamed 'cause I spent more cream with the fellas
"Fuck them niggas, spend that cheese on me
See if they be around when you need pussy"
Then I thought to myself, yo this trick is right
Gathered up all my dough, so I spent the night
I can't help it, she got my brain in a headlock
Niggas started riffin' "Why you trickin'?, yo, this shit must stop
Moms like you need to see the AA
Better hope they help your ass out on the same day
But never that, I got the shakes so I need that
Son call me stressed out, I just be that
But when it comes to Henn Rock, dunn, I need that
She's my shorty for life, so fuck the feedback
[Chorus: Havoc]
I think the whole world's goin' insane
I fill my brain with the Henny, and drink away the pain
I think the whole world's lost its brain
I sip away on the liquor, and drink away the pain[Outro: Prodigy]
To all the brothers who ain't here
Pour a little somethin' on the floors man
Time to get a little bent, do our thing
Word up, the 41st side of Queens
Getting bent, you know what I mean
It's an everyday thing
Henny got my mind in a headlock, Dainy got me goin' crazy
Dainy take me away, Dainy take me away

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