Uh [Verse 1: Q-Flo]
Ayo, let's go to work, back to back cyphers without a day off
I'll channel in my inner Rock league, let's take the weight off
Clearly, they want a killer, so they gave me a call
And lyrically, do you like John Wick for one of my dawgs
From a city where these people'll shoot you just for a .jpeg
Have you runnin' longer than Goku runnin' on Snake Way
The truth is in the root of these punches, far as the hero go (Uh-huh)
I'm terrible like the Rangers, I told you, this that Camero flow (Go)
Said I'll make 'em ghost from the Tommy, yo, that's a power line
I'm writin' bars straight from the Father, these is power lines
Tryna push me off my stride? Homie, you out of time (Uh-huh)
Guess we got it goin', see it eye to eye, that's Powerline
It's Q[Interlude 1: Cutright]
Yo, my man said "eye to eye like Powerline"?
Like "Goofy Movie" is, like, one of my favorite-
Wait, wait, wait, wait, Cutright
This not time for that, it's time to rap; put on your rappin' voice[Verse 2: Cutright]
This Revenge of the Nerds— the black version ([?])
Ever hear [?]? I'm the fat version ([?])
Murder any beat I'm on, I am that person (Uh-huh)
Ain't nobody screwin' with me like a fat virgin (Haha)
So when they rappin' unholy verses with loaded curses (Yeah)
I point it right at they temple and tell 'em "Go to worship" ([?])
We sit 'em down like usher ladies in [?] churches ([?])
They all clowns and I've been sent here to close the circus ([?])
Think Saitama when the kingdom at fists, this serious? ([?])
Guarantee they gon' cease to exist (Wow)
'Cause I track stars like astronomers, just to moon Satan ([?])
This rap-zilla bringin' fire to your crew, nation! (Bang!)
[Interlude 2: Mitch Darrell]
Okay, okay, okay
I challenge myself to write a punchline for every line of this
That is twelve bars, twelve punchlines
I think I got it, Mitch Darrell, uh[Verse 3: Mitch Darrell]
Know my core's strong, got more bars than Planet Fitness (Facts)
Don't smoke, but I'm more dope than cannabis is (Hahaha)
Hair knotty, my locks longer than Santa's list is (Knotty)
I'ma show you my dark side like Phantom Menace (Uh-huh)
Witness me hurtin' these rappers like bad record deals ([?])
Jumpin' over y'all to be king, makin' checkers real (That's true)
Weapon peel- (Huh) how ironic, got the banana clip in
Playin'- I don't care 'bout the shootin' like I'm a fan of Sixers ([?])
Bars like southpaw fighters, you know they hit different
Wasn't checkin' for me, but overtime, they'll gain interest (Uh-huh)
Tryna set the bar higher than Oregon citizens (That's a bar)
I spit fire, but flow's colder winter in Michigan

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