Mistah Crisp
Yo Pi'erre, you wanna come out here? [Verse 1]
Blowing clouds up on your block
Cause we off the clock
We gon make this town wibble wobble and fuckin rock
Get someone to meet
Middle of the street
Lay down a sheet
No need for discrete
Cause we in too deep
Got time it’s cheap
Meet up fast high hi and bye
Fold and wrap a banger with a bowtie
Pulled up and all we said was “uh I don’t think you qualify”
Popping off bands
While you making 50 keeping cans
You think you still sturdy
Hit you and fall dead body[Verse 2]
You hearing these shots going brap pop
Mop your drop
Bring back youth with a twist n bop
Flow you in a circle damn round
You a mutt hound so i’ll put you in the pound
Don’t have to be profound just renowned
That’s right
(Yo Pierre you wanna come out here)
Load it up a backpack
Got a knack drinking cognac
Still fat stack, easy blackjack
Chronic feel attack something like cardiac
In the mood for anything all
Think I’ll take my time to call
Lose v in Montreal
Not protocol, but I came home to ball
Man it was a life
Now flip flop flipping bands that haul wall tall
Winging, I play hard ball not safe
You striking then you out
You done whatchu on about
[Verse 3]
Mix up add some weird drug
Make em jitter jitterbug
You know you talking to the city's best plug
Blowing all the vapors
Through the fucking chambers
All them fakers
Smoking kief call us the scrapers
Load it up in big ass papers
Kick some sand in your eye
Leave you out hanging to dry
You know your end is nigh
Make you and your whole fam cry
Hangin em on the noose
Fucking yo bitch till loose
Skrrt out after I hit that caboose
I think I’m goddamn Zeus[Verse 4]
Take a peek you looking mad chapped
But you out here ego snapped, stuck wit me and trapped
I’ll let the steam blow on up down over
Going to the top, give me some new exposure
Stroking AR trigger, pro ass soldier
Hard hustle, swear winters nothing but freezing colder
But we getting bolder, older
Throw em over the shoulder
Flowing blowing up, outta my way
Shooting make you dance good fucking ballet
Make you pray three times every Sunday
Bitch you better give some fucking respect
No one can project my rap dialect
Cause I get the bag out
Words out my throat
What the hell else do you want
Crisp crispy damn brnt
[Verse 5]
I’m looking at some fucker like outta his goddamn mind
Red eyes, rolled back, bouta get fined
Pop off a new track, when am I gonna get signed
Let it all loose call me unconfined
Got bricks, lick em, a whiff, all for the town to sniff it
Big cash call it a rainbow, got it in the bag don’t gotta damn spliff it
Keep your shit straight, put it in a suit so aligned, never got my time whiff it
Pull up with three bitches, get em all wet, be ready to stiff it
I’m hitting this harder than ever before, think it’s beat abuse
A rhyme straight to you from the second doctor suess[Verse 6]
You really fucking with me bro, to me you goddamn micro
Split you down the middle like a damn double robin hood bow n arrow
Put me in your fuckin history as a new number one pharaoh
Put em in a coffin leave you only bone marrow
Leave you with a slash face scar
Stab stabbin under par
10 band on caviar
Try mess with my fleet, leave you grinded meat
Suck on some tit that shit tasting mad sweet
Damn i’m feeling like top elite
You just can’t stomp out my fire ass heat on the beat
Hop on some pills bring me back in my mind
Got this refined, hit em with the prop pop and a chop chop
Hype shit out damn I gotta think about that cop cop
What the fuck next for me to pop pop
I ain’t ever gonna drop drop
[Verse 7]
Imma buy a pound just to hop in it and bathe
Drink enough to make a 7 foot can stave
Wildin out with your bitch in the top trap
Hit em with the cap from the new strap
You don’t know what’s coming up with me
Imma leave shit rappers in debris
Clock’s counting you out tick tock
Got your secrets off lock unlock
Got a weak walk when I hit em with a cock on my bump stock
What’s left of your body gon be chalk
Rippin deadly like the reaper
Creeping killing I’m the creature
Just gonna leave you in a shock
And yo hoe still tryna blow me like a bomb in Iraq in Iraq

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