Getting out the bus with a face full of tears
‘Cause I just noticed that you aren’t here
I just wanna get out of this damn town
‘Cuz all I see is grey when you’re not around I’m patiently waiting for someone to call
Someone to fall someone at all
Back in the days I saw you everyday
But you went away anywayI try
I try to scream and you won’t hear it
I fly
I fly so high over the ceiling
My life
Without you is rough
Though I try
I try to get over that you’re not hereEveryday’s like a brand new chapter
My life is the show I’m the actor
People surround me and I feel alone
I feel like I’m new to this place though I’m homeAnd I really wanna learn it
Take a chance of living and earn it
But I am just so angry about the thought
That I live here and you live abroad

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