​there's a difference between u n me



Rap, Drill, Unreleased

Lyrics from snippet [Verse]
Uh, there's a difference between you and me
Leave that boy with a Halo, I feel like Master Chief
She tryna get in my pants, she asked "boxers or briefs?"
I told her I let it hang like a ornament on a tree
You thinking you slick, uh bitch
I'm the Greased up Deaf Guy
I can't hear a nigga talking shit, why would I lie?
Thanos with the time stone, bitch back to take my mind
And your bars lose connection, like fix yo Wi-fi
Boy get pussy through a screen, he edate
Throw the balls in her mouth likе it's Madden
It's EA, it's in the game bitch you know that I prеpaid
And I'm not racist, but I pull up with three K's
Y'all niggas Mr. Krabs, y'all be some cheapskates
Roll on your rollout, you rocking them cheap skates
I can see why you act like a bitch, bitch you been gay
And that's ironic, cus that boy do what I say
(yuh yuh yuh)...

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