You betta run, cuz if you step boy I won’t make this fun
Making my way all the way to the bank tell your dealer to get another one
You already know me, even before I speak
Cuz some of the shit I said just sprung a leak
I don’t like your M.O. but consider it taken
If you really know me, boy you maybe mistaken
I don’t have to play sports to know I’m the best at everything
All your life boy you wished for things but you got nothing
I don’t like snotty women but I’ll never put my hands on them, anyway
I don’t charge for hugs, but men don’t hug mеn, you’ll never get onе
When I was a youngin, I had no one
My wrist jerked, I just gotta plug
I see you, you can’t hide from me
I know yo ass a creep, looking like Rodney Alcala
No one will hear you when I got ya, not even if you holla
You betta hide yourself before I put yo ass in your place
Run you over, I just hit you with my jeep
I’m in control of you now like you were my sheep
You see my girl but you can’t have her she mines
You better scram before things get ugly, I don’t care if Ted Bundy rolls over in his grave
Things got ugly when you we’re madeV2
We all heard of The Dating Game Killer
But I don’t care now cuz he dead and gone
I catch you looking at my girl, I know she gotta pretty face, but I’m finna snatch yo soul right out your chest
You can tell my lawyer to rest this case
I guarantee you finna use a nine and take the easy way out
Hands over your face begging me not to take yo out this place
I just snatched a ride, you not goin anywhere till I win the race
Bitch you know who I is, you don’t need to see my drivers license
I’m goin hunting, say goodbye to your bison
Your soul will not last a second in the pits of Hell
I’ll just tell Satan, oops this loser tripped and fell
I may be just a man, but imma man of my word, wellV3
You can slip through law enforcement but you can never get passed me
When I point you out I know exactly where you be
Stalking women in broad daylight, taking pictures of them
They post for you but they unexpect what comes next
I ain’t worried bout the police cuz I’d be outta there in a heartbeat
Slide thru, couple shots fired, did we just rob your ass cuz that’s all I see
If you we’re in Minnesota, I could point you out easy, where’s Waldo
Even if you we’re in Wisconsin, I could put you out, pronto

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